Sunday, December 30, 2007

Phase 3 day 11-17

I meant to update 3 days ago, but life has been hectic. Well, more like, other people's lives have been hectic, therefore effecting my life, as it goes. Dad has a bundle of problems and my sister is in jail for trivial warrants, well I guess not that trivial to land yourself in the slammer. But I'm not here to talk about that am I. The protocol, yes.

According to my dad's scale I weigh 215. Been hovering that number throughout the week. Yeah, I almost dropped dead on the spot there, cause that would mean I'm 11 pounds over my LIW.


My dad's scale has a 6-7 pound discrepency compared to my scale at home. AND I had my clothes, shoes, wallet, etc. on. For the protocol I strip down to get my weight, but here I can't just waltz in my dad's room in my birthday suit and hop on the scale... Although he is a heavy sleeper, and it would make for interesting small talk around the breakfast table if for some reason he ... what in the world am I saying. I swear I type whatever comes to mind... bubbles.

Well, what all this means in all honesty is that I'm probably only 2-4 pounds over my LIW, according to my scale. I'm seriously considering buying one of those portable scales I've been hearing about. At least one better than the one I have. I remember spending $10 on it at Walmart, and I almost went for the $20 one, but the advertisment displayed on the box was so persuasive I decided why not and save $10. Next time, I think I'll go with my gut feeling.

As for food. Well, that's been tough. My mom and dad live opposite lives. my mom and her husband are the healthfood junkies that would probably disown me if I came into the house with a Coke in my hand. My dad on the other hand, well. Let's just say, he's single and can't cook. which means, the fridge is filled with nothing but ready to eat meals. Least to say, it's a bloody nightmare. His cabinets are full of soda, and there is NOTHING in the house that is phrase 3 approved except for: eggs, deli ham (I checked the ingredients), tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce. In other words... I've been eating omelets. I've been buying some stuff from the store, but money for me will be tight until school starts, which thankfully will be in about a week.

Some other things. Dairy products don't seem to hurt me, so I'm glad for that. Honestly I've been taking this phase less seriously than phase 2, mostly because things here are more hectic and less organized. But I also noticed that I don't eat as much. In fact I can take my food in a small bowl now as opposed to a plate as I don't use the extra space. I'm thinking it's a habit I devloped during phase 2. But here's something else I noticed. On days when I meet my suggested caloric intake (even if I ate a starch or sugar) I do fine, but if I eat below I don't do as well, and those are the days when I adhere most to the phase 3 diet.

Now I understand when people talk of this part of the protocol. If phase 3 was a person I would be giving it the finger right about.... now.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Phase 3 Day 5-10

Uh! I knew I was forgetting something! I forgot to pack my scale! *slaps forehead*

So yeah, I come to my dad's house, and the only thing to eat are chips, soda, cinnamon buns, rice, deli ham, oh you know, -just about everything I CAN'T eat. Seriously. My sister doesn't cook, she's always out clubbing and whatnot. My dad can't cook anything so he buys foods that don't require much prep time.

I know I probably gained a few pounds since I left, given my poor selection of foods. I have no choice but to spend money that would've otherwise gone to people's gifts on groceries on myself. Bleh. I hate being a broke college student.

On the positive side, I did find my dad's old scale, which is supposedly good & accurate, but it's been handled much. I remember I always weighed 6-7 pounds more on that scale. I think what I'll do is weigh myself first thing in the morning on that scale and then just try not to go above that number. I wonder if exercise will help me go back to my LIW. bleh. this sucks.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Phase 3, Day 1-4

First of all I want to thank everyone for the comments on my photos. I'm glad people can see a difference in them. I guess it takes the prespective of a third paty to make you notice the difference. I'm hoping the second round I'll -really- see a major difference. Not trying to diminish the success from the first round, but I expect the 2nd round to be the round that hits the abnormal-fat ball out the park. Yes I know. I'm a dork. Hell I don't even watch baseball. But oh well.

So.... phase 3....

I happy that I can finally start eating a little bit more normal now. In fact, even though it's just 4 days I already noticed myself being satisfied on portions that could pass off as normal. This makes me happy. =)

One thing about the whole starch and sugar deal. I'm finding that there are things I've eatened in my life that contain hidden sugars and starches. For example, ketchup. Now I knew that ketchup had sugars in it, I mean a tomato is a fruit. But what shocked me was the type of sugar in ketchup: corn syrup, along with high fructose corn syrup. *sigh*, the ingredient labels don't lie (although some like to hide their ugly natures behind simple names... I'm looking at you "spices").

I'm wondering though if I should use my last injection weight from the last injection or from the day after the 72 hour hcg withdraw process. there's a .5 pound difference (I gained a half pound on the third day). 203.5 or 204? Am I being too picky? I want to do 204. on my 3rd P3 day I was 206 and today I'm 204 so I think 204 is a safe weight to use.

In the meantime I believe I wil go find myslef a portable glycemic index chart (and perhaps an atkins menu) to keep myself at bay with the "absolutely no sugars and starch" deal. I'm being stubborn by eating dried fruits and the occasional fried dumpling, and I need to stop. Although I'm getting a little better by eating more protein and fats. It sounds weird for me to being able to go a little liberal on the fats.

One more thing, if anyone has any advice on this: fitness. I shouldn't think (an)aerobics will effect us negatively like in P2. I want to do some strength training for P3. My only concern is I hear that just doing any fitness related activity for a short period of time gradually loses whatever health benefits it may have brought once you cease to continue. I say this because I would most likely have to stop once I start my second round. I train hard. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. I should probably be thinking about fitness after the whole protocol. I don't want to get ahead of myself and take on more than I can handle.

Well, anywho's, This was my attempt to make up for several days of absent. But you know I think for me it's makes sense to report every couple of days. I have more to reflect on as more things can happen over the span of several days as opposed to one. In the meantime, yall take care! I'm off to Texas tomorrow to see the rest of my immediate family. I'll let yall know if people noticed anything different about me. ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

before and after

I finally took some pictures for the after shots. Now, I've been deciding whether or not to post them on the yahoo group. Ever since that whole Yancy fiasco I've been afraid to do so. I don't think I'll ever muster up the courage after what people said in reference to that.

So what I'm going to do is this. If you want to see before and after photos, email me and I'll send them to you. It's just me in my underwear. You might want to wear goggles though, to prevent yourself from gouging your eyes out once you've seen them. There, I've gone and put up the disclaimer so you can't sue me. I don't see the difference like I see in some people's, but oh well. I think the most visible I myself can see was my collar bone. When I scratch there I can feel the clavicle is more prominent. It's almost, dare I say, uncomforatable - like trying to reposition your elbows when you lay on a bean bag, but can feel the floor through the stuffing and you just can't seem to get enough styrofoam underneath. I almost feel like if I was to lose all the abnormal fat, sitting in a chair without the exta padding would feel somewhat uneasy.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 43

yesterday - ? Didn't weigh
Today - 203.5

Well... apparantly I lost regardless of what I weighed yesterday. Now I don't want to stop injections, lol. But I really must listen to my body, instead of my psychological "want" to get under 200 this round. But now that phase 2 is over, well I guess officially in a few days, it is time for.. measurements!

inches before/inches after
bust - 50/46 -4
chest - 40/37 -3
waist - 38/35 -3
stomach - 46.5/42.5 -4
hips - 50/47 -3
thigh - 31.5/28.5 -3
calf - 17.5/16 -1.5
upper arm - 17/15.5 -1.5
forearm - 12/10.5 -1.5
total - 302.5/278 -24.5

Round 1
Starting VLCD - 231.5 lbs.
LIW (last injection weight) - 203.5 lbs.
Total weightloss - 28 lbs.
Total percentage loss - 12% of body weight
68.5 more pounds to go!!

While 135 isn't my personal goal weight, it will be for this protocol. Once I reach that weight I will no longer be considered "overweight". So whatever whatever weight I'll be after that once all the abnormal fat is gone will be fine with me. Maybe all my abnormal fat will be gone by 135.

But I'm thinking once that happens I can finally start toning my body, and I want to use those Power 90X series to do it. I have turbo jam and other power 90 series now but it was a little difficult moving at my size, although turbo jam is quite fun to do and watch.

I will still keep everyone posted during phase 3. I have to go back again and read now that it pertains to me!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day 41 and 42

Day 41 I was violently ill for whatever reason. I don't know if it was a migrane I'd experienced but the left part of the crown of my head pulsated with a taste for vengance. I felt all sorts of naseau and weakness. I vomitted numerous times. Towards the end I had nothing left in my stomach, yet I still felt the urge to regurgitate any residual caloric substance that may have been lurking bewtween my somtach muscles.. It wasn't the kind that after you just puked your brains out you felt loads better. I actually felt worse. I don't know what it was. Did I eat something bad? What exactly was in that beef? It couldn't be the beef though, the same beef I've been eating since the start of this whole thing. Blah. I was so sick I forgot to weight myself too. >:I

Anyways. I decided that today will be my last injection day. I really don't want to go any longer as I feel Dr. Simeons was right about going for more than 41 injecting days. It does take a toll on you to some extent. And in retrospect I'm just not that die hard to forego that one little tidbit, albeit I can't cite myself as someone who followed the diet to a "T". I'll never understand that phrase.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day 41

Yesterday - 205.5
Today 204

-1.5 lbs.

Interesting. okay. I believe ovulation might have been a factor in this. This past week I had the closest thing to a TOM I've ever had in a long time. In this sense I feel better because that means my periods are coming back, which is a good thing for me. I don't want to believe that my hcg was the case, because in essence it shouldn't have gone bad just yet. But just to be sure I'll go back to my 150IU. If I still lose, then TOM was to blame. If I don't then potency issues are to blame.

and I want to thank everyone for the encouraging comments and adive/suggestions. I totally forgot about the TOM issue. Yall are too good to me!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Day 40

Yesterday - 205.5
Today - 205.5

I don't know what's going on, but I upped the dosage for today from 150 to 175. I did feel better throughout the morning but I had the same hunger again in the afternoon. Now I don't know if it's psychological or physical. tomorrow I'll try and up the dosage to 200 if it doesn't work. It can't be the food, it's what I've always ate since day 1 of vlcd. Blah. Not as fustrated as I'll always have round 2 to look forward to. It just... sucks!

However, I did change the storage location for this vial a little while back. In my fridge there's a section where you can control the temp./climate and I stored it in there. It's not freezing but it is sure colder than the rest of the fridge. I wonder if the lower temperature have anything to do wih it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 38 and 39

yesterday 204.5
today 205.5

+1 pound!!

what the %&#*($@. okay now I'm mad. I didn't do ANYTHING wrong. I have a very, very sneaky suspicion my hcg has lost potency because while I have been losing (and gaining) this past 1.5 week I have noticed my hunger is increasing every day. It has become harder to ignore cravings now. It's almost to the point of torment now. I was looking up and down at a salad I was making for my family like it was a big mac and I wanted it to be my pimp. Uhh I only have maybe a week left but I really think something's up. I would feel disappointed not seeing myself below 200 but at the same time I've lost another inch and a half but now I don't see any improvement. *sigh*. I wonder if I should stick till next week or stop now cause I don't want to lose normal fat.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 37

Yesterday - 204
Today - 203.5

-.5 lbs.

woohoo. okay. Gotta study group in a few minutes.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 36

Yesterday - 204.5
Today - 204


Any loss is still a loss so I'll take it. For some reason I just feel down today. Maybe it's the fact that finals are right around the corner and I have yet to study "assertively". I was really hoping for all A's this semester but I might just end up with B's, and maybe one A depending on how well I do on the final. I also noticed that I am starting to get a bit hungrier these days, and the only thing that curbs my appetite is water. And I know we're supposed to be drinking water, but I never really -needed- it to keep my hunger at bay. At first I thought my hcg was losing it's potency but I'm still losing apparently. I wonder if I could be building up an immunity to it. That would suck.

During the day today I was hungry but because I was busy working I wasn't phased by it. I wonder if my hungry is due to not eating anything throughout the morning and afternoon. Sometimes I find myself eating my first meal after 4 or 6. Before, I would have an apple in the morning, my first meal around 3 (when I come home from school), and my second meal sometime after 5 or 6. Depending on how hungry I am I would eat my second alotted fruit. I swear something happened to me after thankgsiving. I guess I sorta got lazy and when I plateaued I sort of lost my thunder afterwards. I was losing so so well in the beginning. Didn't help that we had guests come about either.

These are things I definetely want to consider on my next round. Next round there isn't a holiday in sight, unless you count Valentine's Day but I haven't a hubby or BF so no one to suprise me with saturated chocolately fats there.

(warning: the next paragraph has some graphic details about -womanly- issues. You have been warned!)

Something else also happened today. I should probably note first that my periods stopped in 2001. Since then I haven't had a -proper- period. And I know this isn't the best course of action, but I've been too scared to go to a doctor. I'm one of those people who just rather not know. Since that time I've had a brown disharge here and there. I've inquired about these and one doctor I asked said this is normal as it is just old blood being pushed out. And from my researched I've come to the conclusion that it was because of my weight, possibly PCOS and insulin resistance maybe, that has haulted my periods. This morning I had a brown mucousy discharge that was moreso than usual. And this evening I went to change my panty liner and I noticed there was a little blood there. It looked like the start of a period. I even saw blood clots. So I'm wondering if my periods are returning now. I don't know if I should be excited or not, because I don't know if this counts as Aunt Flo coming to town. More like stopping by cause she forgot her keys, then sneezed or something before walking out the door. I've never in my life had regular periods. I would get maybe 4-6 a year and they would be -very- heavy and last for weeks. I was actually relieved to see them stop but now I'm thinking maybe I'll want kids someday, whereas before that idea wasn't on my things-to-do-before-I-die list. I've never had cramps or pains ever....

I think I'm just ranting now about my dysfunctionalness. I really need to get back to study. But yeah, so much for the supposed hiatus of the blogs, lol.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Day 34 and 35

Yesterday - 206
Today - 204.5

-1.5 lbs.

well.. I seem to be on track again. Not far from being out of the 200's. my god wouldn't that be something. I drank more water. I believed that helped (as usual).

Also to note. The next two weeks are going to be somewhat hectic for me, due to finals. So with that being said, you'll probably noticed I won't be updating as regular, as I'll probably be somewhere in the corner of a library cramming as much organic chemistry as my brain can muster. And when that fuse blows out, I'll do the same for statistics, then french, and so on. Alrighty then.

And I want to thank all the people that commented on my journal and gave me feedback with such fantastic support because yall helped me keep going. I probably would've waved a white flag to phase 2 and went into phrase 3 a week ago, but yall gave me the strength to see through my whole phase, so for that I give thanks.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 33

Yesterday - 206.5
Today 205.5



Well I have some interesting news, not so much in a good sense though. My my grandpa came to visit from overseas, so my mom made her oxtail dish with dumplings as usual (by the way, if you've never had oxtail, it's goooood). Anyways... I already ate my meals before 3pm., so I drank water for the day, as I wasn't in a fruit mood. My mom asked me if I was going to eat, and I just told her I wasn't hungry (which was true). By the way they know I'm dieting but they don't now know I'm on Dr. Simeons protocol. Soooo when I said no my mom started to suspect I was eating very little. Basically it came down to the point where I had to eat again in front of her to make sure I looked like I was eating enough. She probably thinks I'm trying to be anorexic or something. I know my mom. If I didn't do that she probably would've looked more into it. Her being a physician makes it hard more me to do this diet without scrutiny, especially with her not really knowing the full nature of the whole thing.