Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm baaaaack.

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah under 200 club baby. *does the running man*

Made A's and B's in my classes *does the cabbage patch*

..made a C in organic chem *curses teacher that decided to throw use questions from old MCAT exams*

And other news... I gotta stop my injections this week... I'm running out of hcg =( Didn't really expect that. And I think I'm gonna rotate between IM and SC because that puts ease on my muscles. So... yeah... but that's okay.. cause I joined the under 200 club *does the electric slide*

So uh.. yeah... I'll be reading yall's journals throught the week cause I wanna see what yall been up to while I was away! But in the meantime I'm gonna dance like a monkey with epilepsy... cause that how I look like when I dance..