Tuesday, February 26, 2008

R2 Day 19-26

Day 19 - 209
Day 20 - 209.5
Day 21 - 209
Day 22 - 210
Day 23 - 208
Day 24 - 207.5
Day 25 - 207
Day 26 - 206.5

Blah! Why do I feel like a failure?! I thought I would so be out of the 200's by the end of Febuary. Now I'm not so sure that's going to happen. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this round compared to the last. I know in the beginning it was all a breeze, and I struggled a little towards the end. But at the start of this time, man. I'm more hungry this time around than before, and I don't know what's up. Should I go buy a pregnancy test? Possibly. Honestly it is my fault because I've been sort of playing the Phase 3 game during P2, and that's not good at all. But I can't help it I'm just more hungry this time around, and I didn't have to deal with that before so it wasn't an issue. Argh! I just realized when I said that out loud I sounded like a pirate.

Friday, February 22, 2008

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Monday, February 18, 2008

R2 Day 14-18

Day 14 - 205
Day 15 - 204.5
Day 16 - 210
Day 17 - 209.5
Day 18 - 209

Hmmmm..... yes... I know what you're thinking. What the hell happened on day 16?!?! Okay... let me explain. Three things: Chinese food, birthday cake, new scale.

Chinese food: My kryptonite. I was trying to "blend in" at the dinner table.
Birthday cake: Brother turned 6. Couldn't help it.. okay, more like, didn't help it.
Scale: Brand new.

So, yeah. All those factored in. I always weigh more on the "more accurate" scales. I really didn't eat that much cake, maybe a few big bites. But the chinese food was what got me. Bleh. All in one day. I have no way of really knowing which one attributed more to the weight gain, or how big of a discrepency my new scale is from the old one, since I broke the old one (dropped it on the corner - it split apart).

Sooo.. I broke out with the tape measure to make sure I wasn't gaining inches. And to my surprise I lost an inch in the stomach and and 1/2in in the chest and an inch in the thighs. So, all is well. Of course, that doesn't really make sense to me, but then again, who really know what is going on under the skin, except for Dr. Simeons. But damn, it sure would be nice to finally see that number go under 200 by next week. Sure would.

In the meantime, I'm finally getting in my water. Just had to fit it in my schedule. I have a liter with me during the day that I try and finish, and when I get home around 3 I drink another liter before I go to bed. Depending on the day I can get an extra .5-1 liter in.

I was trying to experiment with weekly updates. I find that I can get a bigger picture of things when I do it this way, and it's a little less stressful. But when I did daily updates, I scrutinized myself more, which places me under a tad bit more stress. Perhaps I'll do both, do daily updates, then weekly updates on my skip day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R2 Day 9-13

Day 9 - 208
Day 10 -207.5
Day 11 -206.5
Day 12 - 206
Day 13 -205.5

Welcome to the round of cockiness! That's exactly what it is. I completely stopped weighing my vegetables. I can look at my moms plate of chicken and go, "Hmm, 210 grams, give or take 8." Is that sad or what! I do weigh the meat though, when I'm cooking that is.

And something must've happened in the last 50 years or so because I am making all kinds of variations and I'm still losing weight. I'm still trying to work the kinks out, but I'm having all sorts of bold fun. For example. I ditched the melba toast for Wasa brand crisp in light cracker. Has the same if not less amount of calories than melba, taste better, and is bigger. I started experimenting with mixing veggies, but I had to be careful with that as some veggie combos were better for weightloss than others.

Now I know judging from last round I did better for the 1st part than the last, and that's something I'm going to have to consider down the line.

Oh and by the way, an herbal omelet with tomatoes and scallions is just downright delicious with tobasco sauce.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

R2 Day 6-8

Day 6 - 210.5
Day 7 - 209.5
Day 8 - 209

Hcg jumps out of the fridge in search of BB, but she is nowhere to be found. Then on a hunch, he makes a dash to the living room, bacwater shaking in his amber glass, hoping his suspicions are dead wrong.

But as Hcg turns to face the couch his fears are confirmed. He gasps in shock to find BB... hunched over a box of cookies.

Hcg: I knew it! You're cheating on me! I caught you red-handed!! How could you BB! How could you?!!!

BB was momentarily taken aback, as the expression on her face resembled a deer in headlights. She quickly regained her composure.

BB:Hcg! (wipes the crumbs from her mouth)It's not what it looks like -
Hcg: Oh really? Because I think it's EXACTLY what it looks like!

Hcg snatches the box away from BB and chunks it in the trashbin. He did this with such ferocity a few cookies fell onto the ground next to the bin.

Hcg: After all I've done for you! I thought we had a great first round! I gave you all that you wanted, and then some. I forgave you once because it was thanksgiving, and I didn't want to make a seen in front of your family. But this... no. If this is how it's.... BB!!

BB was eye-ing the cookies that didn't make it in the trash the whole time. She suddenly snapped out of her daze at the sound of her name.

BB:Huh? What? Oh. Well I couldn't help it! C'mon Hcg, give me a break! It's girlscout season! They get you at Walmart I tell you ... and they ambush you at BOTH entrances! I tried to get away, but they attacked me with, with (BB looked as though she was about to break down) Carmel Delights! (Begins to sob) Damn you Samoans!

Hcg was unmoved.

BB:Look, I know I can change, just give me another chance! I can do this! You're my only hope. Atkins was a dick. He gave me false hopes. But you've been true to your word from the very first day. I won't let you down again!

Hcg rolls his eyes and lets out a long sigh.

Hcg:Well, I guess if it wasn't for you I'd still be in Europe getting pissed off by some raging hormonal pregnant lady. Tell you what, if you can prove your worthiness to me for the next month and a half or so, I'll take you to P3 again. And then after that, we can go to P4. I hear they have a nice buffet.
BB: (Her face lights up) Really?? Oh Hcg, I don't know what to say.
Hcg: Well, I'm still a little upset about the cookies. But I guess I've been kind of a prick in the butt lately..
BB: and arms.
Hcg: Yeah, I guess so.
BB: and thighs.
Hcg:Uh, yeah
Hcg:Look are you gonna prove to me you can commit to this relationship or not!
Hcg:Good. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I think I'll go back into the fridge. It's a little warm out here.

Hcg turns around and heads back into the kitchen. As he opens the door he remembered something he wanted to tell BB. He walks back to the living room.

Hcg:By the way, we're out of grissini so when your at the store why don't you--- BB!!!

BB was kneeling by the trash, on the verge of stuffing a cookie in her mouth, until she looked up and locked eyes with Hcg, still holding the cookie inches away from her mouth. A few seconds of uncomfortable silence passes, and BB looks over Hcg's shoulder and points.

BB:Is that Customs walking to the door?!
Hcg:(Turns around in a moment of panic but quickly turns back as he feels something rush beside him...)

BB is nowhere to be found. The cookies from the trash are mysteriously missing.


So... lol, yeah. That's what I've been going through these past few days. Needless to say, I haven't been the best Phase two-fer in these past 72 hours. I'm starting to wonder whether I went into round 2 P2 a little prematurely. I was under the notion this would be a walk in the park after the 1st round. It could be that it's just the first week, although I didn't experience all that much hunger in round 1. Been wondering if I should start over with heftier loading days. Or maybe not. I guess experience differs from person to person.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

R2 Day 4-5

Yesterday - 213
Today - 210.5

-2.5 lbs.

Hooray, I rock! Now, I probably would've lost more had I not eaten that cookie, but for a split second I forgot I was back on phase 2. Sometimes it feels like I just picked up where I left off from round 1, and sometimes I need to remind myself when I pass up the Burgerking that I'm not in phase 4 anymore. My hunger cravings today came in waves. Through french class my stomach was growling but once I was let out it dissapeared. Then I came home and ate some chicken soup and an apple and I was fine the rest of the day. I'm still having a hard time going back to drinking my half gallon of water. I need to get the ball rolling on that because I'll lose more when that happens.

I noticed I'm more sleepy that usual. Just a tad bit more fatigued. It's serves to my advantage though 'cause I sleep longer and feel well rested when I wake up, which is a rarity in itself, me being the total opposite of those ... grrr... "morning people".... (I'm not actually growling, just to let you know. There's too many people around me and I want to blend in with the crowd not stick out here people). perhaps I'll start taking crack caffeine coffee in the morning, but any form of stimulant usually has me bouncing off the walls.

I think that's all I have to report on. The one thing I hate about blogspot is that you can't reply/subcomment, so I think I'll start doing what other people are doing and and just reply in my blogs.

Biz - Thank you! I spent long nights thinking about how I was going to make it work.

cb9094 - Thanx! I'm glad I make at least one person laugh.

Monday, February 4, 2008

R2 Day 3 (VLCD)

Yesterday - 213
Today - 216

+3 lbs.

Well! I guess I did good loading then, hehe. Let's see today's menu:

Celery n' chicken soup x 2

I was a little hungry in the afternoon, but it was by no means unbearable. Focusing on my schoolwork helps. I'm trying to drink a half gallon of water within the next 2 hours. I'm sure that'll result in a zero loss on the scale in the morning, but I'm more relaxed this round.

Also, if you don't already know I'm hiding the fact that I'm on this diet to my parents. It's very hard to do this when they both work in the medical field. So much for the "medical diet" excuse right? Last round I just told them my amber vial in the fridge was a biology project I was working on (yeah, on myself), but I don't want to use that excuse again. So... I bought this:

A minifridge! brilliant! This particular one gets really cold and I can even plug it in to my car when I travel, if I needed to. There's just one drawback. The fan on top is sort of loud, about on par with a computer fan that's unusually noisy. It takes me a little longer to sleep and get used to. Also, I started thinking, maybe one day someone will get curious and open it. So I came up with this idea:

It turns out, an insulated thermos provided the -perfect- means of a way of keeping my hcg constantly cold, better than a fridge I would even say. We usually think of a thermos as trying to keep our coffee as piping hot as long as possible but it works even better for keeping things cold and for longer periods of time. I tested this out first by filling it up with ice and water and checked on it the next day. 12 hours later it was still extremely cold, with ice still unmelted. This time I just filled it with ice, and by the end of the day there was more ice left than the first trial. I stuck my vial in a ziploc bag, even though it's airtight. The temperature was colder than my fridge will ever get. So all I have to do is replace the ice after I do my injection and maybe in the afternoon just to keep it extra cold. I'm wondering now if I'll even need the minifridge I got for sale..eh.. I'll still use it... it's a pretty neat thing.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

R2 Day 1-2 (Loading days)

Day 1 - 214
Day 2- 213

Awesome. I lost a pound. I loaded pretty well the first day. Then pretty well this morning. But afterwards, I didn't feel all that hungry. This is what happened to me last time. Knowing now how important it is to do a proper load, I tried to eat as less volume of as much fattening foods. Sooooooo.... I ate a stick of butter! OKay okay that sounds gross but I didn't literally shove a raw stick of butter down my throat. But what I did was melt half a stick with honey in the microwave, added a splash or two of milk whipped it then chugged it down. It was actually pretty good. I imagine that's what butterbeer would've tasted like, for those of you into Harry Potter. Made my inside warm and fuzzy. then after that I added the rest of the stick on a yam (along with brown sugar) then ate the whole thing sans the skin. Now that I think about it I had 1/4 stick of butter this morning on my pancakes... so yeah I had over a stick of butter today. I also had a few pancakes jam/toast, chicken n rice, milk, and I think I'll go take a few shots of condensed milk after I'm done, then I'll -really- be done.

I have to admit though I've gotten a slight headache after eating that yam, watching it do backstrokes in the pool of butter. I know I'm going to feel like crap this week.

For my VLCD tomorrow I put some chicken breasts, sliced celery, and seasoning in a crock pot that I'll take for lunch tomorrow. I'm at that point where I can look and see how much chicken I need to take and eat. Oh! I almost forgot my water. It's been awhile. hehe. Well, that's all I can think of for now.

Friday, February 1, 2008

On your mark, get set, ready....

In just a few hours I'll be whippin' up a batch of hcg for round two. I can't sleep. I really really wanted to do this round justice so I've been going back and reading some things from the protocol. To make extra sure I've stocked my normal fat reserves I did a little pre-loading as Dr. Simeons suggest for people who have dieted in the past. Although now in retrospect it may not apply to people doing repeat rounds. I know I didn't load well as good as I wanted in round 1. So, yeah. The only thing that sucks is that I put on an extra 6-7 pounds because of it, but Dr. Simeons states, 'no matter how much weight is put on'. I'll trust him on this one.

My goal for round 2 is to get to 185. This time I'll be trying 125IU's instead of 150, just to see if that makes any difference. I want to experiment with the duration of treatment this round. I might go beyond 43 days to see how my body responds. I'm getting a little bolder. I feel like a pro. Hehe, don't worry I'm sure something will come along and pop my ego. I just feel that my body can take more is all. But we'll see. In the meantime I've gone ahead and stored all my lotions and oils under the sink cabinets and replaced them with baby oils and other hcg approved paraphernalia.

And with that, I bid Phase 4 adieu.