Monday, June 9, 2008

Hellooooo Phase 3

Ok. I'm going to make this very short. I leave for Texas in 5 hours, so I needs mah beauty sleep. So with that, I'm not going to make a fancy excel spreadsheet. Just now that I dropped 8 more pounds but like gaineed 3 of it back, making me 182, which puts me in phrase 3. I probably won't blog as much during P3, especially this being my vacation. That and I have to wait 2 months this time before I can start the next round... except that I have to buy more hcg, bleh. alrighty then. 182 it is to maintain. Can I do it?? Realisticly I know I'll probably go out of my range, but hopefully this time I have more restrainst! So with that, I bid you all farewell, until round 3! I just didn't want yall thinking I dropped off the face of the earth. Cuz that would hurt.