Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Day 1 (loading day) - 226 lbs.
Day 2 (loading day) - 227 lbs. +1
Day 3 (start VLCD) - 231.5 +4.5
Day 4 - 227 lbs. -4.5
Day 5 Today - 223.5 -3.5

Woohoo! Lost 3.5 in one day. How awesome is that?! But today I cheated. I had a little tootsie roll. but what's worse is that because it's Halloween I have all this candy around me. I started to take in pieces of candy but before I could swallow I'd immediately spit it out. It was an internal battle. I could bring myself to swallow. Instead I chugged a bunch of water and that helped a LOT. But we'll see what the scales say tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Day 1 (loading day) - 226 lbs.
Day 2 (loading day) - 227 lbs. +1
Day3 (start VLCD) - 231.5 +4.5
Today: (VLCD) - 227 lbs. -4.5

morning: apple
lunch: sirloin steak, saurkrat, grissini
snack: apple
dinner: scallops w/green onions, grissini

Well. I learned from yesterday not to eat ground chuck. I probably would've lost more of my loading weight had I ate leaner meat. Today I bought sirloin steak and had that. Also, instead of my usually chicken I decided to go with something different. I made scallop soup with green onions. It was delicious. I have a confession as well. I cheated! >.< I had a little lollipop, although it was totally organic. And 2 tiny pieces of homemade bread, I couldn't resist! It was fed to me, and I didn't want to be rude. But all in all the diet is getting easier to follow, now that I'm beginning to be better prepared. On another note, I noticed that some fat areas are not as firm as they used to. Not a sagginess but more if a softer plumpness. I found it interesting that someone else had the same experience. I'm hoping this is a good thing, that the hcg is releasing those fat stores!

(The evil bread of delicious doom my parents made)

Scallop Soup
3.5 oz. baby scallops
sliced green onions
1/4 c. broth
1/3 c. water
1 tsp lemon juice
salt & pepper
cayenne pepper (if you like it hot)

1.) Boil everything in a pot on medium heat for 5-8 minutes.
2.) Scallops are done when they're no longer transluscent.
3.) Serve with melba toast or a grissini if you desire.

Monday, October 29, 2007

D3P2R1 First VLCD day

Day 1 (loading day) - 226 lbs.
Day 2 (loading day) - 227 lbs.
Today: (VLCD) - 231.5 lbs.

I guess I loaded well after all. Gained 5.5 pounds which puts me back in the 230's, digits I thought I'd never see again. No matter, I have faith I'll lose it again pretty soon =). Must of had something to do with that last minute loading: 2 medium potatoes, 3 tbsp butter, 1/3 c plain yogurt, large handful of picnic bacon, chives, and a large handful of shredded cheese. Of all the days worth of loading, that was probably the only time I enjoyed every minute of it, which consequently was my last meal before VLCD. It just goes to show you how deeply psychological a connection we have to food, the more reason to do this protocol and reset my hypothalamus.

So, looked all over for melba toast. Couldn't find it. HOWEVER, I was quite surprised to find grissini at my local Publix. I mean, it doesn't say grissini on the packet, but really what is it except nothing more than a breadstick. Plus it had the Italian flag, which I think makes it safe to call it grissini. Pleasantly crunchy little things they are. Each breadstick has 40 calories. Not too bad. I only ate one today as I sort of ran out of my allotted calories. In fact I didn't get to eat all of my dinner. For lunch I ate more tomatoes than I should have, thinking since it's only 5 calories per oz. I can have 2. But I forgot I was eating ground beef tonight and um yeah. I just had half the ground beef serving and a slice (7/8 oz) of tomatoe with the grissini, which put me a little over 500 calories. Well maybe just at 500 since I counted the whole apple weights and I didn't eat the core. There's hope for me after all.

organic fuji apple

tomato basil soup with chicken

Mid afternoon snack

1 grissini
beef pattie
tomato slice

Tomato Basil Soup with Chicken
3.5 oz cooked chicken breast
4-8 oz. diced tomatoes
2-4 basil leaves (too much basil will make the soup bitter)
salt & pepper
1-3 tbsp. chicken broth

1. Blend all ingredients except chicken.
2. Pour in pot and add cooked chicken.
3. Simmer on medium for 10 minutes.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 2, Phase 2, Round 1

I started yesterday but was too tired to blog. Everything went fine. I had problems injecting this morning, as when I went to withdraw the needle, blood squirted out. But I was assured I was okay as I most likely hit a small vein on my way in, and no blood was in the syringe when I aspirated. I'm so glad I have the yahoo group for support. I wouldn't be doing this without them, so I want to thank them (if anyone there is reading this).

My first day of loading I didn't eat as much as I wanted but I did gain a pound. I guess food only taste good when it's "forbidden". But the times I did eat I ate big servings:

(cooking liberally with olive oil)
5 egg omelet with tomatoes, onions, and lots and lots of bacon bits ,
2 whole wheat tortillas,
BIG plate of rice and chicken,
Tall glasses of 2% milk and a glass of Nestle chocolate with coconut milk and condensed milk,
8 oreo cakesters,
Fanta Peach soda,
5-7 fishsticks,
3 chicken nuggets,
2 pork egg rolls,
and some other indian foods that consisted of fried chickpeas and legummes.

I also tried to get calories by eating the fishsticks, nuggets, and egg rolls with mayo and Newmans light honey mustard. By the way... Newmans Light Honey Mustard taste soooooooooooooooooo good. So, so good (so good). I'll try better today. I'm going to take my brother to a pizza buffet!

I also bought a large packet of chicken from Sam's. I decided to weigh each portion now and put it in ziplock bags so when the time comes I can just grab it out of the fridge knowing each bag has 3.5oz or 100grams. Which by the way, lemme tell you. I had no idea 3.5oz of chicken was THAT small! Which mean it's a lot smaller looking when cooked. Now I know what dieter's mean by looking at the portions. For the protocol it's 3.5oz but a regular serving is only .5 more ounces (says the label). NOW I can see where the calories are coming from, because I couldn't understand why I gain weight when "I don't eat that often". Oh and the meat as well. I portioned the rest of my ground beef and that was a shocker as well. They say a portion of meat, 2 oz, is as big as a deck of cards. I guess I was going by tarot decks.

It all makes more sense when you can weigh the serving sizes yourself, just to see how big our portions sizes are and how much we actually consume. I remember eating at an italian restaurant and the two meatballs in my spaghetti were just a little bit bigger than these! This diet will very much affect my way of thinking in the long run no doubt.


Day 1 (loading day) - 226 lbs.
Day 2 (loading day) - 227 lbs.

Measurements (in inches)

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's here it's here it's here it's frikkin' here!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was driving to my house when I went to check the mail. I got a slip from the post office that said a package was missed. I immediately knew what it was. So I'm driving to the post office to pick up my delivery, anxious and barely able to drive 'cause I was so excited. Signed for it and went straight home. Took pictures of the package and now here I am typing about it. I ordered my hcg October 1, and just got it today, October 26. (I guess this means no more e-check. That's why it took an extra week, just waiting to clear). I just really can't believe I have the hcg within my possession now. This is actually going to happen. I was once so gung ho in the beginning, now I'm nervous as heck. But in the end I know everything will be OK. I'm going to go back and read everything tonight. Tomorrow, I will began.

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's been shipped!

I got this in my email this morning:

Your item, posted on 19/10/07 with reference *********** has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

W00t!!!! I don't even know what that means but I see people say it.. w00t w00t!!

My hcg should be here sometime this week. So excited! ^_^ Maybe even in the next few days. I need to go grocery shopping!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I moved my blog, AND I got my hcg supplies.

My supplies are in! They forgot to include my syringe filter though. Now all I have to do is wait until I can get my medicine from the pharmacy. This all feels too weird. I can't wait, and yet I feel so nervous. When I looked at the box I was thinking, this is really going to happen. Well, I'll be glad when I can start phase 2. I've been "practicing my loading", lol. I should be receiving my ampules within a week. In the meantime I need to go make a shopping list of the foods I'll need to buy for the phase 2 diet.

Everything I'll need for round 1, phase 2

They shipped it in a shoebox package! You can't get more discreet than that. It was wrapped in another package in the box too. The only thing it said in the sender area was GPZ services with their address.